Monday, 30 January 2017

I am so bad... updating... I will try harder...I will ;)

A crazy couple of weeks which included done lovely birthday surprises, scamps on the beach with Barney dog, and new crafty experiences! 

Which leads me to this years challenge.......a new craft a month! I have enjoyed my pottery course so much that I want to keep it going and also learn more... 

So far I have willow weaved (hmmmm...not sure I shall be weaving too much more willow in the foreseeable!) and pottered! 
I love pottery... Wheel throwing to be precise - it is so relaxing and fun and challenging all at once!

I am on the beginners course here

It is such a beautiful new studio and a lovely teacher, Sarah who throws some beautiful ceramics! So if you are in the area then have a try at one of her taster sessions!
Week two...the results

February brings Needlefelting .... Now I have dabbled with this a few times but never been taught properly... So hopefully I will find out how to do it properly and not take all the ends of my fingers off as previously has happened!!

As for the rest of the year I am open to suggestions ....answers on a postcard please!!! 

Onto this week though and Friday's is my next Hochanda live show at 2pm so busy busy preparing for that.... It will involve lots of mixed media and altered artwork... A sneak preview of work in progress...

Watch Live: 

  • SKY 663 (24/7)
  • FREEVIEW 85 (24/7)
  • FREESAT 817 (24/7)

Until next time,

Saturday, 21 January 2017

News Flash.....

.....Next Hochanda TV date is in!

I will be live on Hochanda at 2pm on Friday 3rd February......Yey!

Have a watch on any of these channels: 

  • SKY 663 (24/7)
  • FREEVIEW 85 (24/7)
  • FREESAT 817 (24/7)

Or online at:

More to follow once the show plan is prepared and a few sneaky peeks at the demos!


Thursday, 19 January 2017

Wow.... long!!!!

Since i last posted it has been months - oops!

So much has happened it will take a month to write this post so i shall keep it short and just keep updating more regularly :)

2017 is bringing its of exciting new projects already - more shows on Hochanda, more theatre costumes, some fabulous shows and events we will be attending (have a look at the newly updated 'Find Us' page for details)

More to follow shortly but in the meantime a few pics from the last few months of mad work!

See you soon

Friday, 26 August 2016

What a fantastic week...... in the last 10 days i have exhibited at The Festival of Quilts followed by another live show on Hochanda TV - and both have been amazing experiences!

First up was my first time at the FOQ - either as a visitor or as an exhibitor - so i had absolutely no idea what to expect. I had a small stand which i thought on the plan was quite tucked away - but turned out to be on one of the main aisles opposite the Virtual Studio, so i was able to watch their incredibly creations taking shape.

The work on show at the FOQ was simply astounding - i had no idea quilting was so beautiful and the craftsmanship in the pieces were phenomenal.
In fact - the only quilts i saw that i truly thought were achievable (with a lot of practice) were actually made by children at junior schools i later discovered!

The ladies (and the odd one or two gentlemen) were just lovely, friendly and pleased to see a vintage fabric and haberdashery stand there - so i am thrilled to be returning next year with tonnes more stock and another huge smile on my face ready to be inspired again.

After a few hours sleep it was back to working on my 'Craft Pack Challenge'  This was a little adventure i set myself a month ago to see just how many projects i could work on with just one of my Mixed Craft Inspiration Packs. This was a lovely little journey as i realised just how many uses even i had not considered there were for the packs.

Just a little sample of the items i created at last count 15 (watch this space for the full report!) - for a step by step guide for a couple of them click here to go to the Hochanda Blog and a little post i did for them:

So, after a fabulous live show and a sell out for some products - i am back on the 3rd October for a lovely Autumn/Winter inspired show....more on that soon!

Right - off i trot to pack more fabulous goodies ready for the next event - The Handmade Fair!

See you soon

Monday, 15 August 2016

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

While the rain pours....

.....a little diy guide to make something pretty!

Taken from the Hochanda blog i was featured on last month:

DIY Vintage China Cake Stand Instructions - Simply Vintage Designs 

Melissa of Simply Vintage Designs is back with the perfect step-by-step to create a vintage china cake stand with one of her craft kits, which can be bought from the Hochanda website here! Try it out and let us know how you get on!

Pack Includes: 
- Cake Stand Handle
- Washers
- Standard Drill Bit

Equipment Needed:
- Electric Hand Drill
- Small Jug of Water
- Masking, Washi or Sticky tape
- Ruler or Tape Measure
- Pencil
- Old Tea Towel or Cloth

Step 1: 

Choose some beautiful plates from which to create your cake stand. Make sure they are clean and without hairline cracks or chips. 

Add a small strip of tape to the top and bottom of each plate, approximately in the centre. 

On the plate’s top side, measure the precise centre by taking a ruler and placing it across the plate’s diameter and making a small dot with a pencil onto the masking tape. 

Step 2: 

Have a small vessel of water close by, a protective surface to work on and use an old tea towel (or any unwanted piece of fabric) under the plate to steady it as you drill. 

Attach the diamond tip bit into your drill as per the tool’s manufacturer’s instructions.

To begin the initial hole, line the drill bit up to the dot in the centre of the plate and then tilt the drill to approximately 45 degrees. 

Holding the plate firmly at the edges, start the drill slowly. When feel the drill ‘bite’ through the plate’s glaze, remove the drill and add a splash of water to the centre of the plate to keep the drill bit cool. 

Continue to drill holding the tool at a 90 degree angle to the plate pushing directly downwards with a small amount of pressure. 

Slow and steady is the key to a clean, straight and chip free drill hole.

Once you feel the drill bit go through the bottom of the plate, carefully remove the bit from the newly drilled hole and repeat the process with your other plates.


Step 3:

To add the handle, starting with the bottom of the largest plate, place the screw up through the hole, add a washer, then the first stem of your handle.

Repeat until all your plates are in place. Make sure they are firmly tightened so that the plates do not wobble, but do not over tighten as this may damage the plates.

Step 4: 

Put the kettle on, have a spot of afternoon tea with your new, fabulous and handmade cake stand!

Take care when using electrical equipment and drilling china, please use adequate safety equipment to avoid injury. 
We cannot be held responsible for any injuries, loss or damage caused when using this product. 
Your purchase signifies and confirms that you read and accepted the above policies.


copyright of please not reproduce without permissions.....sharing of this page is encouraged though :)

Thursday, 12 May 2016


.....and fun times!

What an eventful April we had - live TV - Cornwall loveliness and a sprinkling of beautiful weather thrown in for good measure!

Well, i had a fabulous time on my first live TV craft hour - which bright spark thought that drilling cake stand plates on live TV was a good idea? (ermmm best reach for that mirror - me!)
It was fun - and no accidents or bloopers.....phew!

If you fancy a catch up - here is the link to the show (click on the pic): 

I am back with new items, new demos and ideas on the 23rdMay at 3pm and 6pm - check out the full TV schedule at

Hochanda is a fabulous new TV channel and website with some amazing products and lots and lots of demos to watch and inspire.

Warning: it is highly addictive hours will be lost to watching great crafting!

I also had a lovely interview for the launch show.....have a look here is you fancy it:

Cornwall was next up for a lovey break with my lovely family - beautiful cottage, stunning scenery and fab food at Rick Steins in Padstow - the perfect break!!


So a huge update is going on at our Etsy shop - there are all the kits and packs online that you will see on our live shows - plus some handpicked vintage and craft items -  it's all going on!

This last couple of weeks have all been about collecting and packing for my next TV demos and also the brilliant Handmade Fair - which is not until September but is one of my most favourite events of the year.....Here is a little offer they have for tickets:

On 16th- 18th September 2016, Kirstie Allsopp’s The Handmade Fair will be returning to the beautiful spot we call home - The Green at Hampton Court Palace.
Our Super Theatre, Skills Workshops, and Grand Makes are packed with exciting interactive sessions, plus over 250 hand-picked sellers will fill the two fantastic shopping villages, and with our assortment of quirky caterers you won’t be short of delicious food and drink options either.
Head to where you can see the full timetable of talks, workshops, and making sessions on offer – it’s time to start planning your day!
Tickets will go on sale on Thursday 26th April at 10am, and in the meantime you can see our ticket types right here - Make sure you take advantage of one of our exclusive ticket offers by quoting one of the following codes at the checkout:
  • -  EXFE27’ to get your Full Experience ticket for £27* (saving £5)
  • -  EXEO12’ to get your Entry Only ticket for £12* (saving £3)
    *Booking and transaction fees apply. Offer is limited and all sessions are subject to capacity.

So, off i must dash to go and inspect my new shed-io.....yes i am finally getting my dream workshop installed today.....will post pictures as soon as it is is painted and fitted out.....hmmmmm it may be a while :)

Please don't forget you can follow us on a variety of social media ..... have a click and a like!

See you soon and have a fantastic May!
Melissa xx